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Concept Galleries in the Natural History Photography Archive.

Natural History Stock Photo Galleries. Phillip Colla Natural History Photography. I am a natural history photographer, videographer and writer specializing in wild marine mammals (whales, dolphins, seals), remote islands of the eastern Pacific, the California kelp forest and San Diego. This site displays over 35,000 of my images.
Encounters in the Ocean.
Man and Animal
Encounters in the Ocean
Stock photography of the many ways man works and plays in the ocean: underwater, freediving, SCUBA diving, swimming, surfing.
Man and Ocean
A sampling of the many ways mankind works and plays in the Sea.
When water meets light, fascinating scenes are the result.  Twenty years of pondering the intersection of light and water with a camera.
Ocean and Light
Beautiful Light On, In and Under the Sea.
Ocean And Motion
Dynamic and Restless, the Sea is Never Still.