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Over the past fifteen years we have had great luck organizing private wholeboat charters to some of the finest dive locations in the world, focusing our efforts on the offshore island groups of the near Eastern Pacific. These charters are formed by personal invitation only, allowing us to control the makeup of the group to everyone's benefit.

The near Eastern Pacific is known for its abundance of large animal life: sharks (reef, pelagics, schooling sharks, and whale sharks), rays (manta, mobula, marble and sting rays), pinnipeds (fur seals, sea lions), cetaceans (dolphin, whales) and vast schools of fish. Often, dramatic bottom terrain and volcanic island scenery add to the attraction, but it is really the animals that we go to see. We are not in the dive business per se. We plan these trips for fun, not as profit-making ventures. Some of our charters have been the boat's first into such waters, such as with the Lammer Law's 1991 Galapagos trip and the Horizon's first trip to Guadalupe in 1994. We make serious efforts to ensure that those traveling with us are fun to be with (for 10-14 days!) and are self-sufficient divers. Having friends join us who are skilled divers means that our captains will take us to the best spots possible, typically those with strong currents or in open-ocean or sea mount settings.

We have experience directly chartering some of the best boats visiting these islands: Sky Dancer ('06), Lammer Law (Galapagos '91, '92, '93, '96, '98, '02), Okeanos Aggressor (Cocos '90, '91), Undersea Hunter and Sea Hunter (Cocos '96, '99, '01, '03), Ambar III and Copper Sky (Revillagigedos '92, '98, '04, '05, '06), Silvery Light (Azores '97, sperm whales), Horizon (Guadalupe and San Benito islands, annually since '94), Don Jose (Sea of Cortez '00, '01, '03, and annually), Vision (Northern Channel islands), and Ocean Rover (Thailand '05). We can personally recommend these boats as we have come to know the owners and crews and have entrusted our diving safety to them.

In our opinion, the near Eastern Pacific holds the finest diving the world has to offer, particularly with regard to animals. We have limited time during the year to travel and cannot afford to spend it in places that may have great walls and reefs and neat macro critters but not much exciting wildlife. We frequently exploit freediving opportunities, since this is often the best way to approach and see wary and timid animals, especially mammals. Above are links to descriptions of the diving we try to find when we visit these places. Since we are currently planning through 2008, please let us know if these islands interest you.