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Eyestripe surgeonfish, Acanthurus dussumieri Add To Light Table Harlequin tuskfish, Choerodon fasciatus Add To Light Table Spotted ratfish, Hydrolagus colliei Add To Light Table
Eyestripe surgeonfish.
Image ID: 08717  
Species: Eyestripe surgeonfish, Acanthurus dussumieri
Harlequin tuskfish.
Image ID: 08846  
Species: Harlequin tuskfish, Choerodon fasciatus
Spotted ratfish.
Image ID: 08904  
Species: Spotted ratfish, Hydrolagus colliei
Shiner perch, Cymatogaster aggregata Add To Light Table Sea nettles, Chrysaora fuscescens Add To Light Table Purple-striped jelly, Chrysaora colorata Add To Light Table
Shiner perch.
Image ID: 08918  
Species: Shiner perch, Cymatogaster aggregata
Sea nettles.
Image ID: 08961  
Species: Sea nettles, Chrysaora fuscescens
Purple-striped jelly.
Image ID: 08971  
Species: Purple-striped jellyfish, Chrysaora colorata
Spotfin surfperch, Hyperprosopon anale Add To Light Table Rainbow surfperch, Hypsurus caryi Add To Light Table Connies Damsel, Chromis limbaughi Add To Light Table
Spotfin surfperch.
Image ID: 08997  
Species: Spotfin surfperch, Hyperprosopon anale
Rainbow surfperch.
Image ID: 09006  
Species: Rainbow surfperch, Hypsurus caryi
Connies Damsel.
Image ID: 09222  
Species: Connie's Damsel, Chromis limbaughi
Headstander, Leporinus affinis Add To Light Table Boesemans rainbowfish, Melanotaenia boesemani Add To Light Table Red rainbowfish, Glossolepis incisus Add To Light Table
Image ID: 09272  
Species: Headstander, Leporinus affinis
Boesemans rainbowfish.
Image ID: 09283  
Species: Boeseman's rainbowfish, Melanotaenia boesemani
Red rainbowfish.
Image ID: 09285  
Species: Red rainbowfish, Glossolepis incisus
Bumphead Cichlid, Cyphotilapia frontosa Add To Light Table Clown loach, a freshwater fish native to Indonesia (Sumatra and Borneo), Botia macracanthus Add To Light Table Silver dollar, a freshwater fish native to the Amazon and Paraguay river basins of South America, Metynnis hypsauchen Add To Light Table
Bumphead Cichlid.
Image ID: 09290  
Species: Bumphead Cichlid, Cyphotilapia frontosa
Clown loach, a freshwater fish native to Indonesia (Sumatra and Borneo).
Image ID: 09327  
Species: Clown loach, Botia macracanthus
Silver dollar, a freshwater fish native to the Amazon and Paraguay river basins of South America.
Image ID: 09329  
Species: Silver dollar fish, Metynnis hypsauchen
Vanderbilts chromis, Chromis vanderbilti Add To Light Table Scribbled angelfish, Chaetodontoplus duboulayi Add To Light Table Cleaner shrimp, Lysmata amboinensis Add To Light Table
Vanderbilts chromis.
Image ID: 09440  
Species: Vanderbilt's chromis, Chromis vanderbilti
Scribbled angelfish.
Image ID: 09451  
Species: Scribbled angelfish, Chaetodontoplus duboulayi
Cleaner shrimp.
Image ID: 09467  
Species: Cleaner shrimp, Lysmata amboinensis
Longear sunfish, native to the watersheds of the Mississippi River and Great Lakes, Lepomis megalotis Add To Light Table Softshell turtle, Apalone spinifera Add To Light Table Earth-eating cichlid, native to South American rivers, Geophagus altifrons Add To Light Table
Longear sunfish, native to the watersheds of the Mississippi River and Great Lakes.
Image ID: 09801  
Species: Longear sunfish, Lepomis megalotis
Softshell turtle.
Image ID: 09805  
Species: Softshell turtle, Apalone spinifera
Earth-eating cichlid, native to South American rivers.
Image ID: 09820  
Species: Earth-eating cichlid, Geophagus altifrons
The three-spined stickleback is found in freshwater, brackish and marine waters, Gasterosteus aculeatus Add To Light Table Lined seahorse, Hippocampus erectus Add To Light Table A parent and child admire the fascinating kelp forest tank at the Birch Aquarium at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, San Diego, California, Macrocystis pyrifera Add To Light Table
The three-spined stickleback is found in freshwater, brackish and marine waters.
Image ID: 10286  
Species: Three-spined stickleback, Gasterosteus aculeatus
Lined seahorse.
Image ID: 10294  
Species: Lined seahorse, Hippocampus erectus
A parent and child admire the fascinating kelp forest tank at the Birch Aquarium at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, San Diego, California.
Image ID: 10308  
Species: Giant kelp, Macrocystis pyrifera
Mastigia sp. jellyfish, found in Micronesia, Mastigia Add To Light Table Coyote, Sierra Nevada foothills, Mariposa, California, Canis latrans Add To Light Table Coyote, Sierra Nevada foothills, Mariposa, California, Canis latrans Add To Light Table
Mastigia sp. jellyfish, found in Micronesia.
Image ID: 10313  
Species: Mastigia
Coyote, Sierra Nevada foothills, Mariposa, California.
Image ID: 15870  
Species: Coyote, Canis latrans
Coyote, Sierra Nevada foothills, Mariposa, California.
Image ID: 15872  
Species: Coyote, Canis latrans
Juvenile garibaldi displaying distinctive blue spots, Hypsypops rubicundus Add To Light Table Golden trout, Oncorhynchus aguabonita Add To Light Table Lyretail fairy basslet, male, Pseudanthias squamipinnis Add To Light Table
Juvenile garibaldi displaying distinctive blue spots.
Image ID: 09388  
Species: Garibaldi, Hypsypops rubicundus
Location: California, USA
Golden trout.
Image ID: 09414  
Species: Golden Trout, Oncorhynchus aguabonita
Lyretail fairy basslet, male.
Image ID: 12866  
Species: Jewel fairy basslet, Pseudanthias squamipinnis

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Subject  >  Technique  >  Captivity  >  Aquarium
Animal  >  Amphibian  >  Newt / Salamander
Animal  >  Bird  >  Eagle (Accipitridae)  >  Golden Eagle
Animal  >  Fish  >  Fish Anatomy  >  Adult / Juvenile Difference
Animal  >  Fish  >  Fish Anatomy  >  Color and Pattern  >  Bar
Animal  >  Fish  >  Fish Anatomy  >  Color and Pattern  >  Disruptive Coloration
Animal  >  Fish  >  Fish Anatomy  >  Color and Pattern  >  False Eye Spot
Animal  >  Fish  >  Fish Anatomy  >  Color and Pattern  >  Mask or Hidden Eye
Animal  >  Fish  >  Fish Anatomy  >  Color and Pattern  >  Spot
Animal  >  Fish  >  Fish Anatomy  >  Color and Pattern  >  Stripe
Animal  >  Fish  >  Fish Anatomy  >  Spine
Animal  >  Fish  >  Fish Behavior  >  Camoflage
Animal  >  Fish  >  Fish Behavior  >  Commensalism (Symbiosis)
Animal  >  Fish  >  Freshwater Fish
Animal  >  Fish  >  Freshwater Fish  >  Africa
Animal  >  Fish  >  Freshwater Fish  >  Cichlid
Animal  >  Fish  >  Freshwater Fish  >  South America
Animal  >  Fish  >  Marine Fish  >  Anemonefish / Clownfish (Pomacanthidae)
Animal  >  Fish  >  Marine Fish  >  Angelfish (Pomacanthidae)
Animal  >  Fish  >  Marine Fish  >  Anthias (Serranidae)
Animal  >  Fish  >  Marine Fish  >  Atlantic
Animal  >  Fish  >  Marine Fish  >  Boxfish / Cowfish
Animal  >  Fish  >  Marine Fish  >  Butterflyfish (Chaetodontidae)
Animal  >  Fish  >  Marine Fish  >  Chromis (Pomacentridae)
Animal  >  Fish  >  Marine Fish  >  Color and Pattern  >  Spot
Animal  >  Fish  >  Marine Fish  >  Damselfish (Pomacentridae)
Animal  >  Fish  >  Marine Fish  >  Damselfish (Pomacentridae)  >  Garibaldi
Animal  >  Fish  >  Marine Fish  >  Eel  >  Moray
Animal  >  Fish  >  Marine Fish  >  Fairy Basslet (Grammatidae)
Animal  >  Fish  >  Marine Fish  >  Grunt (Haemulidae)
Animal  >  Fish  >  Marine Fish  >  Indo-Pacific
Animal  >  Fish  >  Marine Fish  >  Indo-Pacific  >  California / Baja California
Animal  >  Fish  >  Marine Fish  >  Porcupine Fish
Animal  >  Fish  >  Marine Fish  >  Rockfish / Scorpionfish (Scorpaenidae)
Animal  >  Fish  >  Marine Fish  >  Sea Perch (Embiotocidae)
Animal  >  Fish  >  Marine Fish  >  Seahorse (Syngnathidae)
Animal  >  Fish  >  Marine Fish  >  Surgeonfish (Acanthuridae)
Animal  >  Fish  >  Marine Fish  >  Tang (Acanthuridae)
Animal  >  Fish  >  Marine Fish  >  Wrasse (Labridae)
Animal  >  Mammal  >  Badger
Animal  >  Mammal  >  Bear  >  Black Bear
Animal  >  Mammal  >  Bobcat
Animal  >  Mammal  >  Coyote
Animal  >  Mammal  >  Fox  >  Cross Fox
Animal  >  Mammal  >  Mountain Lion
Animal  >  Mammal  >  Mountain Lion  >  Mountain Lion Jumping
Animal  >  Mammal  >  Porcupine
Animal  >  Mammal  >  Tiger  >  Siberian Tiger
Animal  >  Mammal  >  Wolf
Animal  >  Marine Invertebrate  >  Anemone
Animal  >  Marine Invertebrate  >  Crustacean  >  Shrimp / Prawn
Animal  >  Marine Invertebrate  >  Marine Invertebrate Anatomy  >  Stinger
Animal  >  Marine Invertebrate  >  Marine Invertebrate Anatomy  >  Tentacle
Animal  >  Marine Invertebrate  >  Plankton  >  Jellyfish
Animal  >  Reptile  >  Snake
Animal  >  Reptile  >  Snake  >  Rattlesnake
Animal  >  Shark  >  Brownbanded Bamboo Shark
Animal  >  Shark  >  Epaulette Shark
Gallery  >  Bird
Gallery  >  Kelp Forest
Gallery  >  La Jolla
Gallery  >  San Diego
Gallery  >  Wildlife Portraits
Location  >  Oceans  >  Pacific
Location  >  USA  >  California  >  San Diego  >  Scripps Institution of Oceanography  >  Birch Aquarium
Natural World  >  Habitat  >  Kelp Forest
Plant  >  Marine Plant  >  Giant Kelp
Subject  >  People  >  Tourist
Subject  >  People  >  Underwater  >  Children
Subject  >  Technique  >  Underwater

Most Common Species Appearing Among These Images:
Acanthurus coeruleus
Acanthurus dussumieri
Acanthurus nigricaudas
Acanthurus sohal
Acipenser oxyrinchus oxyrinchus
Ambystoma mexicanum
Amphiprion ephippium
Amphiprion percula
Anarrhichthys ocellatus
Apalone spinifera
Aquila chrysaetos
Bitis gabonica
Botia macracanthus
Canis latrans
Canis lupus
Centropyge aurantonotus
Centropyge loricula
Chaetodon ulietensis
Chaetodontoplus duboulayi
Chelmon rostratus
Chiloscyllium plagiosum
Choerodon fasciatus
Chromis cyanea
Chromis limbaughi
Chromis vanderbilti
Chrysaora colorata
Chrysaora fuscescens
Chrysiptera cyanea
Citharichthys sp.
Dascyllus aruanus
Diodon holocanthus
Erethizon dorsatum
Gasterosteus aculeatus
Geophagus altifrons
Gibbonsia montereyensis
Glossolepis incisus
Gramma loreto
Gramma melacara
Gymnothorax favagineus
Haemulon flavolineatum
Hemilepidotus hemilepidotus
Hemiscyllium ocellatum
Hippocampus abdominalis
Hippocampus barbouri
Hippocampus erectus
Hippocampus reidi
Holacanthus clarionensis
Holacanthus passer
Hydrolagus colliei
Hyperprosopon anale
Hypsurus caryi
Hypsypops rubicundus
Labidochromis sp.
Lactoria cornuta
Lepisosteus oculatus
Lepomis megalotis
Leporinus affinis
Lynx rufus
Lysmata amboinensis
Lysmata californica
Macrocystis pyrifera
Mastigia sp.
Melanotaenia boesemani
Metridium farcimen
Metynnis hypsauchen
Morone saxatilis
Oncorhynchus aguabonita
Panthera tigris altaica
Phacellophora camtschatica
Pseudanthias squamipinnis
Pseudotropheus zebra
Puma concolor
Serranus tabacarius
Taxidea taxus
Ursus americanus
Vulpes vulpes

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Bald Eagle Catches a Fish, Alaska

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