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Guadalupe Island Diving Trip, July 2010 — Not Another Shark Trip

Guadalupe Island, Skip's Trips

I’m very happy to announce that our annual Guadalupe Island diving trip is on for July 2010! Skip Stubbs is once again personally leading this special trip to dive remote and unique Isla Guadalupe using the San Diego-based dive boat Horizon as our home-away-from-home. At present this trip is by invitation only (i.e., the entire boat is reserved and Skip is determining who the participants will be). If you are seriously interested in joining us, please get in touch with Skip (or me if you prefer) to discuss it. We have put together a lengthy flyer describing the trip, with links to many photos and lots of information about the island itself. Please read through the PDF brochure first, especially if you do not know anything about Guadalupe Island. You can print out if you wish (it will open in a new window):

Note: this is not a shark diving trip. This is an open water SCUBA and freediving trip designed to offer our guests opportunities to appreciate the unique inhabitants and explore the underwater scenery of Guadalupe Island. This is the only open-water diving trip to Guadalupe Island, this year (or probably ever), that we know of. The dates are July 21-29, 9 calendar days with 7 fulls days of diving and two travel days.

Cortez chubb, Kyphosus elegans, Guadalupe Island (Isla Guadalupe)

Cortez chubb.
Image ID: 01020
Species: Cortez chubb, Kyphosus elegans
Location: Guadalupe Island (Isla Guadalupe), Baja California, Mexico

Keywords: Guadalupe Island, Mexico, Isla Guadalupe, scuba diving, free diving, dive boat Horizon, Baja California, San Diego.

Skip Stubbs at Bosque del Apache

Skip's Trips

Skip recently spent several days with Bob and Rosie photographing sandhill cranes (Grus canadensis) and snow geese (Chen caerulescens) at Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge in New Mexico. I had hoped to join them but my schedule just did not allow for it. He got some super shots, I’m pretty envious, way to go Skip! Here are two that I thought were especially nice:

Click the images above to see more of the photos that Skip scored. I have to get out there next year.

Kayaking in Thailand

Skip's Trips

More from Skip:

Before our 12 day Ocean Rover diving trip a few of us did a custom 8-day kayaking, jungle hiking trip with Paddle Asia to Khao Sok National Park (remarkably biting insect free!) and to Phang Nga Bay. The former is a vast 165 square kilometers lake created in the jungle about 25 years ago by damming a river. We stayed at the floating bungalows seen in the photos. Dave Williams, who founded Paddle Asia, was our guide and naturalist. This was a fabulous trip and we recommend it to anyone interested in wildlife viewing, especially birds, or adventurous sightseeing. Also included are photos from the island on which we stayed at Phang Nga Bay.

During our trip we saw five species of monkeys, monitor lizards, geckos, frogs, toads, and uncountable species of birds, including great hornbills, white-bellied sea eagles, serpent eagles, and thanks to Dave, no other people during our kayak trips.

Click the image above to see some shots of the kayak trip!

Skip Stubbs in Thailand (2007)

Skip's Trips

This just in from my good friend and diving partner Skip Stubbs, who has just returned from another of his excellent dive expeditions, this time to Thailand:

We are just back from 12 great days on the Ocean Rover out of Phuket Thailand. This liveaboard diving vessel is in my opinion, hands down, the best in the world and is owned and was designed by Jeroen Deknatel of FantaSea Divers. We had a custom trip with 6 days diving in Myanmar (Burma) sandwiched between three days on each side in Thailand. The diving was quite good, with beautiful colorful reefs with abundant fish and other life, lots of strange small critters and occasional larger animals such as mantas, zebra sharks, and whale sharks..

Timing is everything. We all witnessed mating and egglaying by reef squid and cuttlefish, and even mating octopi at various sites! Must have been the season for cephalopods. There were numerous sightings of such rare creatures as harlequin shrimp, ornate ghost pipefish, seahorses, bumblebee shrimp, frogfish, sea snakes, and mantis shrimp. Of course, I only saw mantis shrimp and sea snakes myself. There were beautiful soft corals, especially in Myanmar, and many species of nudibranchs and mollusks. Some people reported seeing over 60 nudibranchs on a single dive at 3 islets.

This boat and destination can be highly recommended for a dive trip, especially considering all of the other possible sights to see in Thailand and SE Asia.

Click the image above to see some of the stills that Skip captured on his trip!

Skip Stubbs at Mag Bay

Skip's Trips

My good friend and diving partner Skip Stubbs, just returned from another great dive trip, this one dedicated to bluewater freediving offshore of Magdalena Bay (Baja California), in search of marlin, mahi mahi and other pelagics alongside Terry Maas, Derek Stavenger, Bob Jackson, Mike McGettigan and Nils Larsen. While Skip was primarily shooting underwater video, he did shoot a few neat still photos which you should check out. (Note: the shot of Skip holding a camera was taken by Terry, all other images were taken by Skip.) Wow, that water is blue, I wish I was there…

Skip Stubbs in the Sea of Cortez (2006)

Skip's Trips

This just in from my good friend and diving partner Skip Stubbs, who has just returned from another of his excellent dive expeditions, this time in Mexico’s wonderful Sea of Cortez and Cabo Pulmo.

For the past 7 years I have organized October diving trips to the Sea of Cortez departing from La Paz. It is a spectacular area to see and diving is still great despite the impact of destructive fishing practices. Seawatch’s website has a wealth of information about the fishing and its impacts in the Sea of Cortez.

One can still occasionally see whale sharks, mantas, mobulas, dolphins, and schools of cownose rays, and even killer whales are seen there. Our trip was highlighted by >2.5 hours of tolerant pilot whales near Las Animas. The sunsets are among the most beautiful anywhere I have been, even without a marguerita in hand.

Click the image above to see some of the stills that Skip captured in the Sea of Cortez this year!

Skip Stubbs at Cabo Pulmo (2006)

Skip's Trips

This just in from my good friend and diving partner Skip Stubbs, who has just returned from another of his excellent dive expeditions, this time visiting Mexico’s wonderful Sea of Cortez and Cabo Pulmo

Since 2001 we have also visited Cabo Pulmo national marine park, on the east cape of Baja at Cabo Pulmo, and stayed at Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort for land-based diving.

The park has been well protected since 1999 and it shows. Large schools of leopard grouper, huge gulf grouper, and large schools of beautifully colored reef fish, including porkfish, burrito grunts, and yellow snappers as seen in the photos. The diving is quite different from further north in the gulf, with many species not seen elsewhere. I highly recommend a visit for a few days or a week to enjoy the great place.

Click the image above to see some of the stills that Skip captured in Cabo Pulmo this year!