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Image 07797, Sailfin tang., Zebrasoma veliferum, Phillip Colla, all rights reserved worldwide.   Keywords: animal:fish:indo-pacific:marine fish:sailfin tang:tang:underwater:zebrasoma veliferum.

Sailfin tang.
Image: 07797  -?- 
Species: Zebrasoma veliferum
Common name: Sailfin tang
Range: Indo-Pacific: Indonesia to the the Hawaiian and Tuamotu islands, north to southern Japan, south to the southern Great Barrier Reef, New Caledonia, and Rapa I.; throughout Micronesia. Replaced by the similar Z. desjardinii in the Indian Ocean. Also known in Line, Society, Austral and Rapa Islands
Copyright © Phillip Colla, all rights reserved worldwide.

Open vocabulary search keywords:
  • animal:fish:indo-pacific:marine
  • fish:sailfin
  • tang:tang:underwater:zebrasoma
  • veliferum
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