Black-throated Sparrow Photos, Amphispiza bilineata

Photo of Amphispiza bilineata, Black-throated sparrow

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Black-throated sparrow, Amphispiza bilineata, Amado, Arizona Black-throated sparrow. Black-throated sparrow, Amphispiza bilineata Photo.
Image ID: 22956  
Species: Black-throated sparrow, Amphispiza bilineata
Location: Amado, Arizona, USA

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Animal  >  Bird  >  Emberizid (Emberizidae)  >  Black-throated Sparrow
Location  >  USA  >  Arizona  >  Amado

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Amphispiza bilineata

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Updated: January 29, 2020

Species permalink: Amphispiza bilineata
Common name permalink: Black-throated sparrow