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Adelie penguin, defecating (pooping), Pygoscelis adeliae, Paulet Island A top secret, high security alien spaceship depot in the desert east of the Colorado River.  Long suspected but only confirmed to exist for the first time with this photograph, this is a derivative high tech interstellar flight complex arising from work originally conducted at the (nonexistant) Area 51.  Strangely, certain curious aspects of this location, such as the circle and long oval tracks which support landings and liftoff of gravity drive Martian and Saturnian craft, are not shown on Google Earth, while other features in this photograph area such as the long ovoid skateboard track are indeed seen on Google Earth and can be matched to this image.  The US Government will likely deny the mere existence of this bizarre Martian landing area, Alien Spaceship Landing Field

Updated: September 19, 2020