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Senorita feeding on bryozoans on kelp, Oxyjulis californica, Macrocystis pyrifera, San Clemente Island Add To Light Table Senorita, Oxyjulis californica, Catalina Island Add To Light Table
Senorita feeding on bryozoans on kelp.
Image ID: 01292  
Species: Senorita, Oxyjulis californica, Macrocystis pyrifera
Location: San Clemente Island, California, USA
Image ID: 05169  
Species: Senorita, Oxyjulis californica
Location: Catalina Island, California, USA

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Subject  >  Technique  >  Underwater
Animal  >  Marine Invertebrate  >  Bryozoan
Location  >  Oceans  >  Pacific  >  California (USA) / Baja California (Mexico)  >  Channel Islands  >  Catalina Island
Location  >  Oceans  >  Pacific  >  California (USA) / Baja California (Mexico)  >  Channel Islands  >  San Clemente Island
Location  >  USA  >  California  >  Catalina Island
Location  >  USA  >  California  >  San Clemente Island
Plant  >  Marine Plant  >  Giant Kelp

Species Appearing Among These Images:
Macrocystis pyrifera
Oxyjulis californica

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Updated: June 17, 2021