Guadalupe Island Photos on Google Earth

Many of our photographs of Guadalupe Island can be browsed in Google Earth through some new programming that has been added to If you have Google Earth installed on your computer, you should be able to click on the link below and have our layer of images open up within Google Earth, showing where around the island each image was taken. Zoom in and the images will spread out, making it easier to select one. Clicking on an image will bring up a web page with more detail about it!

Click To View Guadalupe Island Images in Google Earth.  You must have Google Earth installed for this feature to work correctly. Photographs of Guadalupe Island on Google Earth. If you do not have Google Earth installed, you can Download Google Earth to get started.

Once we get further along with geotagging images, we can offer the same sort of displays for other places like Galapagos, Alaska, California, and Yellowstone. Currently about 15,000 of 22,000 images have been tagged.