Wedge October 21

By October 21, 2006January 12th, 2016Surf

Made a morning run up to the Wedge and got in the water. I probably should have stayed on the sand this morning. I would have got better shots, stayed dry, and would not have come home with a load of sand in my shorts. The waves were green and ugly, the light was in the wrong direction and I was pretty lame in the water, but it was lots of fun nonetheless. The bodyboarder in this shot is Ron Ziebell, owner AlternativeSurf shops in Seal Beach and Dana Point, a nice guy and great bodyboarder. Here are a few more from this morning, nothing really great.

Ron Ziebell, the Wedge, The Wedge, Newport Beach, California

Ron Ziebell, the Wedge.
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Location: The Wedge, Newport Beach, California, USA