Hospital Point, La Jolla, dawn, sunrise light and approaching storm clouds

Hospital Point, Dawn, La Jolla

A fiery sunrise explodes over the La Jolla coastline

Spectacular Sunrise Over The La Jolla Coastline

Cormorants and sea lions on Seal Rock, at night, waves lit by full moon, Laguna Beach, California

Seal Rocks At Night, Laguna Beach

San Diego City Skyline viewed from Harbor Island, storm clouds at sunrise

San Diego City Skyline at Sunrise, High Resolution Panoramic Photo

Aerial photo of gray whale calf and mother. This baby gray whale was born during the southern migration, far to the north of the Mexican lagoons of Baja California where most gray whale births take place, Eschrichtius robustus, San Clemente

Gray Whale Mother And Calf, Aerial Photo, San Clemente

North Coronado Island, Mexico, northern point looking south with Middle and South Islands in the distance, aerial photograph, Coronado Islands (Islas Coronado)

North Coronado Island, Mexico, Aerial Photograph, Coronado Islands

San Diego Marriott Hotel and Marina, and Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel (left) viewed from the San Diego Embarcadero Marine Park, sunrise

San Diego Marriott Hotel And Marina, San Diego

La Jolla Cove and pre-dawn light

La Jolla Cove And Pre-dawn Light.

Oceanside Pier at Dawn

Oceanside Pier At Dawn

California Brown Pelican head throw, stretching its throat to keep it flexible and healthy, Pelecanus occidentalis, Pelecanus occidentalis californicus, La Jolla

California Brown Pelican Head Throw, La Jolla

Oceanside Pier at Dawn

Oceanside Pier At Dawn

Aerial photograph of Land's End and the Arch, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Land's End, Cabo San Lucas, Aerial Photo

Surf fisherman on Medano Beach at sunrise, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Surf Fishing At Sunrise, Cabo San Lucas

Gray whales traveling south to Mexico during their winter migration.  The annual migration of the California gray whale is the longest known migration of any mammal, 10,000 to 12,000 miles from the Bering Sea to Baja California, Eschrichtius robustus, Coronado Islands (Islas Coronado)

Migrating Gray Whale, Aerial Photo, Coronado Islands

The Botanical Building in Balboa Park, San Diego. The Botanical Building, at 250 feet long by 75 feet wide and 60 feet tall, was the largest wood lath structure in the world when it was built in 1915 for the Panama-California Exposition. The Botanical Building, located on the Prado, west of the Museum of Art, contains about 2,100 permanent tropical plants along with changing seasonal flowers. The Lily Pond, just south of the Botanical Building, is an eloquent example of the use of reflecting pools to enhance architecture. The 193' by 43' foot pond and smaller companion pool were originally referred to as Las Lagunas de las Flores (The Lakes of the Flowers) and were designed as aquatic gardens. The pools contain exotic water lilies and lotus which bloom spring through fall

The Botanical Building In Balboa Park, San Diego.

California brown pelican in flight. The wingspan of the brown pelican is over 7 feet wide. The California race of the brown pelican holds endangered species status. In winter months, breeding adults assume a dramatic plumage, Pelecanus occidentalis californicus, Pelecanus occidentalis, La Jolla

California Brown Pelican In Flight, La Jolla

Sunrise on Medano Beach, on the coast of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Sunrise On Medano Beach Cabo San Lucas

Encinitas city sign lit at night over Highway 101

Encinitas Sign Lit At Night Over Highway 101

Residential and resort development along the coast near Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Coastal Resort Development Near Cabo San Lucas Aerial Photograph