Mountain lion, Puma concolor

Mountain lion., Puma concolor, natural history stock photograph, photo id 12313
Mountain lion.

Species: Mountain lion, Puma concolor
Image ID: 12313
Format: Digital 2:3

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PRINTS .  I offer several different types of unframed prints:

  • Photographic Prints : lustre or metallic finish, borderless, unmounted or mounted on 3/4" or 1 1/2" standout board or 1/4" foam core, up to 32"x48"
  • Archival Fine Art Matte Prints : uncoated, matte finish on archival watercolor-type paper, borderless, unmounted or mounted on foam core, up to 24"x36"
  • Gallery Canvas Prints : mounted on stretcher frame, up to 24"x36"


Note: most of my print clients purchase unmounted prints, and carry out framing, mounting, matting, etc. once the have the print in hand.

My LUSTRE prints are "semi-gloss", while my METALLIC prints use a special paper with a metallic base for a highly reflective, glossy finish. Both types of photographic prints are made with state of the art Kodak Professional Endura papers using high end digital laser printers such as Kodak RP30s, Durst Theta 50, or Theta 76 (depending on the size).  According to Kodak, these prints will last 100 years in typical home display and 200 years in typical dark storage.

These two print options (lustre and metallic) are what I describe to my clients as the traditional "photographic" prints that most people associate with photography.   Both lustre and metallic prints are available either unmounted (shipped flat) or mounted on either 1/4" foam core or standout mounting board and shipped flat.  I typically apply a thin protective coating to these prints for protection against UV light, dust, and other harmful environmental elements but if you prefer I can deliver the print with no coating.

Standout board is a thick lightweight board finished with a black plastic edge.  Hanging holes are on the back.   The print mounted on this standout is ready to hang, eliminating the need for costly matting & framing.  It is considered one of the best ways of presenting and viewing a picture since there is no glass or plexi-glass which creates glare.  The presentation looks very "modern".  Standout is available in two depths, 3/4" and 1-1/2" but is only available in the sizes listed below.

  Mounted on
3/4" Standout
Mounted on
1-1/2" Standout

11" x 14" $230 -
16" x 24" $270 -
20" x 30" $340 $400
24" x 36" - $560

Foam core is a lightweight 1/4" foamboard, trimmed to the edge of the image (no white border).  The foam core board has a white edge to it, in other words, the foam that forms the core of the board is visible on the cut edge of the board and offers a simple, modern finish. I recommend framing images that are mounted on 1/4" foam core.

  Unmounted Mounted on
1/4" Foam Core

up to 12" x 18" $170 $210
16" x 24" $200 $240
20" x 30" $230 $300
24" x 36" $290 $360
32" x 48" $425 -

For unmounted prints 24"x36" and smaller, I will often deliver my photographic prints "on approval", which means I will send it to you (UPS shipping, ground) for you to review in person. Unpack it. Look at it. Hold it up to the light and against your wall. If you are completely happy with it, I will then invoice you. If you are not happy with it for any reason, I ask that you return the print to me (shipping at your expense) and there is no further obligation. I want to be sure you are completely happy with the print before you part with your money.  


My fine art matte prints employ direct printing onto archival paper using archival inks and large format ink jet printers. The fine art "velvet" paper is a thick, heavy stock that is similar in appearance and feel to a watercolor paper. than traditional photographic prints and must be handled and displayed with care.  I mount these prints onto 1/4" foamboard, trimmed to the edge of the image (no white border) and shipped flat.  The foam core board has a white edge to it, in other words, the foam that forms the core of the board is visible on the cut edge of the board and offers a simple, modern finish. I strongly recommend that each fine art print be framed securely behind glass to avoid damage to the soft surface of the print and to ensure that the print remains in flat contact with the mounting board.   If you prefer an unmounted print to facilitate your own mounting and framing, this is available as well.

  Unmounted Mounted on
1/4" Foam Core

16" x 24" $240 $280
20" x 30" $300 $330
24" x 36" $500 $530


I offer a Gallery Wrap Canvas style of print as well.   The image is printed directly onto canvas (rather than a traditional photograph being bonded to canvas).   It is printed slightly larger than the final size, and the canvas is then wrapped around a thick wooden stretcher bar.   Staples hold the canvas in place on the back of the bar.   Framing paper covers the back of the bars, and metal hangers and bumpers are applied to the corners.   The Gallery Wrap Canvas print is ready to hang! Gallery Wrap Canvas prints are available in two different depths: 1 1/8" and 2 1/2".   Gallery Wrap Canvas prints are less resistant to scratching and damage than traditional photographic prints and must be handled and displayed with care.   I offer a optional smooth coating to help protect Gallery Wrap Canvas prints.   This coating process involves several steps with time to cure in between, and adds two weeks to the delivery time.

  1 1/8"
Stretcher Bar
2 1/2"
Stretcher Bar
Smooth Coating

16" x 24" $370 $480 add $50
20" x 30" $510 $600 add $70
24" x 36" $700 $800 add $120

To order : email me at with the image number(s) of the photograph(s) you are interested in.   I'll respond as soon as I am back in the office and get started on your print.   Be sure to include your UPS/FEDEX address (I cannot ship to PO boxes).

Important : due to limitations in the detail shown in photographs displayed on the web and variations in how each monitor renders color and contrast, the final print color balance may differ slightly from the way it is represented on your computer.  Large prints (e.g., 16" x 24", 30" x 45") are intended to be viewed from a reasonable distance.  It is natural for large prints to appear soft when viewed up close -- the larger the print, the softer its details when viewed at close range.   This is an inherent property of photographic enlargement and should be factored into your decision about the print's size and how it is to be displayed.