Upper Antelope Canyon Slot Canyon Photo

Antelope Canyon, a deep narrow slot canyon formed by water and wind erosion. Navajo Tribal Lands, Page, Arizona, USA, natural history stock photograph, photo id 18004
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Slot canyons are formed when water and wind erode a cut through a (usually sandstone) mesa, producing a very narrow passage that may be as slim as a few feet and a hundred feet or more in height. The Upper Antelope Slot Canyon is likely the world's most well-known slot canyon, having appearing in films, television commercials and thousands of published photographs. The sandstone striations, wildly curving walls, ethereal light and tortured twisting passages that characterize Upper Antelope Canyon draw visitors and photographers year round, to the point that the canyon becomes jammed with people in the hot hot hot summertime. Normally the Antelope Canyon slot canyons are dry and sandy, but flash floods form suddenly, transforming the slot canyon in minutes into a roiling, water-filled trap in rainy weather. Tragically, in 1997 a flash flood in the lower Antelope Canyon slot canyon killed eleven people of a party of twelve. Both the upper and less-visited lower slot canyons in Antelope Canyon are accessible only through permit and are located on LaChee Navajo tribal lands near Page, Arizona.

Antelope Canyon, a deep narrow slot canyon formed by water and wind erosion. Navajo Tribal Lands, Page, Arizona, USA

Stock Photo: 18004
Location: Navajo Tribal Lands, Page, Arizona, USA
Format: Digital 3:2
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Updated: February 19, 2020

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