Sunset clouds above South Georgia Island, #24345

Sunset clouds above South Georgia Island. Right Whale Bay, natural history stock photograph, photo id 24345Add To Light Table
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South Georgia Island coastline, showing the island's characteristic rugged topography.  56% of the island is covered by 161 glaciers, which have created numerous large bays and inlets that provide excellent habitat for marine animals and seabirds. Mountains meet the sea in steep-sided seacliffs covered with sparse vegetation.  The highest point on South Georgia Island is Mt. Paget at 2,915m. Image #24317
Adult male Antarctic fur seal (bull), chasing down a female in his harem to confirm his dominance, during mating season. Right Whale Bay, South Georgia Island. Image #24334
Northern giant portrait, profile, head detail.  The distinctive tube nose (naricorn), characteristic of species in the Procellariidae family (tube-snouts), is easily seen. Right Whale Bay, South Georgia Island. Image #23679
M/V Polar Star, an icebreaker expedition ship, lies at anchor in Right Whale Bay, South Georgia Island.  Antarctic fur seals on the beach, and the rugged South Georgia Island mountains in the distance.  Sunset, dusk. Image #24318
Antarctic fur seal colony, on a sand beach alongside Right Whale Bay, with the mountains of South Georgia Island in the background, sunset. Image #24315
King penguin colony, Right Whale Bay, South Georgia Island.  Over 100,000 pairs of king penguins nest on South Georgia Island each summer. Image #24316

Sunset clouds above South Georgia Island. Right Whale Bay

Stock Photo: 24345
Location: Right Whale Bay, South Georgia Island
Format: Digital 16:9
Copyright © Phillip Colla, all rights reserved worldwide.
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Keywords: atlantic, landscape, oceans, outdoors, outside, right whale bay, scene, scenery, south georgia island, united kingdom

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