Adelie Penguin Photo, Pygoscelis adeliae

Adelie penguin panorama. Devil Island, Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctica, Pygoscelis adeliae, natural history stock photograph, photo id 26306
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Adelie penguin panorama. Devil Island, Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctica

Stock Photo: 26306
Species: Adelie penguin, Pygoscelis adeliae
Dimensions of high resolution panoramic image: 3887 x 22779
Location: Devil Island, Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctica
Format: Digital Panorama 5.86:1
Copyright © Phillip Colla, all rights reserved worldwide.

Keywords: adeliae, adelie, adelie penguin, adelie penguin, animal, animalia, antarctic peninsula, antarctica, aves, bird, brush-tailed penguin, chordata, devil island, landscape, oceans, outdoors, outside, penguin, pygoscelis, pygoscelis, pygoscelis adeliae, scene, scenery, sea bird, seabird, southern ocean, spheniscidae, spheniscidae, sphenisciformes, sphenisciformes, vertebrata, vertebrate, view, wildlife


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