Coral Reef, Clipperton Island, #32997

Coral Reef, Clipperton Island. France, natural history stock photograph, photo id 32997Add To Light Table
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The French tricolor flag flies over Clipperton Island at sunset. Clipperton Island, a minor territory of France also known as Ile de la Passion, is a spectacular coral atoll in the eastern Pacific. By permit HC / 1485 / CAB (France). Image #32902
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Coral Reef, Clipperton Island. France

Stock Photo: 32997
Location: Clipperton Island, France
Format: Digital 2:3
Copyright © Phillip Colla, all rights reserved worldwide.
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Keywords: atoll, clipperton island, coral reef, france, ile de la passion, island, pacific, permit hc 1485 cab, permit hc 1485 cab, underwater


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