Ocean sunfish, #36315

Ocean sunfish near drift kelp, soliciting cleaner fishes, open ocean, Baja California., natural history stock photograph, photo id 36315
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Ocean sunfish near drift kelp, soliciting cleaner fishes, open ocean, Baja California.

Stock Photo: 36315
Format: Digital 3:2
Copyright © Phillip Colla, all rights reserved worldwide.
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Keywords: actinopterygii, animal, animalia, california baja california, chordata, cluster, creature, fish, fish behavior, fishes, group, indo pacific, manbow, marine, marine fish, mola, mola mola, molidae, mondfisch, moonfish, nature, ocean, ocean sunfish, ocean sunfish mola mola, odd, outdoors, outside, pacific, pacific ocean, pelagic, pesce luna, pez luna, school, schooling, sea, strange, submarine, sunfish, teleost fish, tetraodontiformes, underwater, vertebrata, wild, wildlife

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