Diver and Kelp Forest, Catalina Island, #37152

Diver and Kelp Forest, Catalina Island., natural history stock photograph, photo id 37152
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Garibaldi and Brown Gorgonian Muricea fruticosa, Catalina Island, with giant kelp stands reaching from the reef to the surface of the ocean in the distance.  The clown prince of the kelp forest, the Garibaldi, alternately poses for me and chirps at me to move away from his gorgonian. California, USA. Image #37157
Pyrosome drifting through a kelp forest, Catalina Island. Pyrosomes are free-floating colonial tunicates that usually live in the upper layers of the open ocean in warm seas. Pyrosomes are cylindrical or cone-shaped colonies made up of hundreds to thousands of individuals, known as zooids. California, USA. Image #37166
Garibaldi maintains a patch of algae (just in front of the fish) to entice a female to lay a clutch of eggs. Image #37144
Garibaldi in kelp forest, Catalina Island. Image #37145
Garibaldi and golden gorgonian, with a underwater forest of giant kelp rising in the background, underwater. Catalina Island, California, USA. Image #37154
Golden gorgonian on underwater rocky reef, amid kelp forest, Catalina Island. The golden gorgonian is a filter-feeding temperate colonial species that lives on the rocky bottom at depths between 50 to 200 feet deep. Each individual polyp is a distinct animal, together they secrete calcium that forms the structure of the colony. Gorgonians are oriented at right angles to prevailing water currents to capture plankton drifting by. California, USA. Image #37156

Diver and Kelp Forest, Catalina Island.

Stock Photo: 37152
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