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April 2007

Wedge, Newport Beach, April 12


A southern hemi swell kicked up the surf the past couple days. Biggest was in Orange County with it’s southern exposure. I could not get up there until this morning and I missed the peak of the swell. I tried Ponto yesterday and got in double-overhead waves with a lens that was too wide to get any proper shots, enjoying a real thigh-burner leg-cramp session kicking against the current for two hours straight. This morning I opted to stay dry and was glad I did. A 45-minute sunrise spin up I-5, grab a bite, then park. First bad omen: people were walking back to their cars. I went out to take a look anyway. The Wedge was a bumpy mess. There was plenty of wave energy but it was reverberating all over and had no consistency. I’m not sure that I would have gotten any good shots had I got in the water, the wave directions were changing with each set and it would have been hard to stay in the pit. Only a few guys were out. I should have been up there yesterday.

A large, powerful wave breaks with offshore winds at the Wedge in Newport Beach, The Wedge

A large, powerful wave breaks with offshore winds at the Wedge in Newport Beach.
Image ID: 18706
Location: The Wedge, Newport Beach, California, USA

Ugly wave, the Wedge, The Wedge, Newport Beach, California

Ugly wave, the Wedge.
Image ID: 18710
Location: The Wedge, Newport Beach, California, USA

San Diego Crew Classic 2007

California, Photo of the Day, San Diego

Spent a few hours this morning — a beautiful April morning once the fog burned off — riding my bike around Mission Bay, watching the main races of this year’s San Diego Crew Classic. Good to see my alma mater UCSD win the Cal Cup, those guys have brawn to match their brains. The Stanford men won the Copley Cup, looking very good. Rowers, especially those at the top schools, are Jedi. How they can be that strong and have that kind of endurance is beyond me. A gnarly sport, I am sure they have to party hard after the day’s races to bring it all into balance.

Starting Line

UCSD Men Win the Cal Cup

Stanford Men Win the Copley Cup

Cal Women at the Start

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