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April 2005

New York

Photo of Manhattan Bridge, New York City

Here is a view of the Manhattan Bridge viewed from Brooklyn: Manhattan Bridge viewed from Brooklyn.Image ID: 11054Location: Manhattan Bridge, New York City, USA Keywords: bridge, girder, span, suspension, Manhattan Bridge, photo. See more Manhattan Bridge photos.
April 15, 2005
New York

Riding Shotgun in NYC with David Starsky

I got to take a few cab rides on my recent visit to New York City. One ride in particular was lots of fun, the driver turned out to be none other than David Starsky. I told him to make it snappy getting me across town through rush hour traffic…
April 14, 2005
IconsNew York

Photo of the Brooklyn Bridge, New York City

Just returned from a week in New York City. We had a chance to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and view the Manhattan waterfront from the elevated perspective of the bridge, through its many cables. Here are a few photos from our walk: Brooklyn Bridge cables and tower.Image ID: 11070Location:…
April 12, 2005