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Phil Colla

La JollaSea Lion

La Jolla’s Amazing Body Surfing Sea Lions

One of my photographic projects the last couple years has been the California Sea Lion colony in La Jolla. I spend a lot of time making portraits of them on rocky Point La Jolla.  These are beautiful animals and I try to depict them as such.  But where sea lions…
March 14, 2022

Black Oystercatcher, Haematopus bachmani, La Jolla

I don't have the discipline to be a real bird photographer, but when seabirds (which are my favorites) walk right up to me I will of course do my best to get an image. This black oystercatcher (Haematopus bachmani) was walking among the sea lions on Alligator Head one recent…
February 4, 2022

Photos of California Brown Pelicans in Flight, 2021/2022

This winter my bird photography goal was to make about a dozen strong images of California brown pelicans in flight.  I've been out many mornings photographing them.  In late December I had some productive days with a run of four straight mornings during which conditions were ideal.  There was nobody…
January 30, 2022

California Brown Pelican Portraits and Head Throws, 2021/2022

I usually photograph California brown pelicans in La Jolla from late December through February. I spent many mornings photographing them already this season, and am mainly interested in flight images.  But it is hard to resist a beautiful portrait or head throw when a pelican decides to oblige, especially when…
January 21, 2022

Allen’s Hummingbird, Adult Male, La Jolla

I came across this gorgeous tiny male Allen's Hummingbird (Selasphorus sasin) while walking the coast trail in La Jolla. I had actually seen this specific bird on one particular shrub repeatedly over several days, and one an overcast morning decided to stop and take its portrait.  Cheers, and thanks for…
January 20, 2022

Ghost Pelicans

I photograph California brown pelicans often, and lately have been working on different ways to portray them besides being lit by the warm morning sun.  Well before sunrise, I have been out trying to capture them as they glide over waves or approach the seaside cliffs of La Jolla. I…
January 19, 2022