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March 2008

Las VegasNevada

Photo of the Bellagio Fountains and the Eiffel Tower

Here is another view of the Bellagio Hotel fountains, this time with the Paris Hotel's half-scale replica of the Eiffel Tower (yet another Las Vegas landmark) in the background. Bally's is just seen on the left, and the Planet Hollywood Hotel is on the right. The Bellagio Hotel fountains light…
March 31, 2008
Las VegasNevada

Photo of the Bellagio Hotel Fountains

One of my favorite attractions in Las Vegas doesn't cost any money: the superb Bellagio Hotel fountain show in the reflecting pool in front of the Bellagio Hotel on the Strip. Choreographed to music, punctuated with bright lights and showing frequently throughout the day and night, the fountain show is…
March 30, 2008
Las VegasNevada

Las Vegas Blvd, 3am

View from a taxicab after a hard night on the Las Vegas Strip, trying to figure out whether to hit another club, bar, casino or just call it a night. Image ID: 20566Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA More photos of Las Vegas at night.
March 29, 2008
San DiegoWildflowers

Photo of California Poppy

Here are a few more photos of California poppies (Eschscholzia californica) near Del Dios, California. I got lucky with the weather, with lots of sun and blue skies the day I shot these. Now we have leaden gray skies and its supposed to be windy and cold this weekend. California…
March 14, 2008
San DiegoWildflowers

Photos of Eschscholzia californica

This field of dreams is a literal carpet of California poppies (Eschscholzia californica) on the hillsides above Lake Hodges in Del Dios, California. In October this hill was ablaze with the Witch Creek wildfire, one of the worst fires southern California has experienced. Five months later it is ablaze again…
March 13, 2008
San DiegoWildflowers

California Poppies — Bug’s Eye View

More California poppy (Eschscholzia californica) madness. These were shot with a super-turbo-customized tilt-shift-micro-bugeye lens I just received from Canon Covert Services. California poppy plants viewed from the perspective of a bug walking below the bright orange blooms. Image ID: 20539 Species: California poppy, Eschscholzia californica, Eschscholtzia californica Location: Del Dios,…
March 11, 2008

Photos of Elsinore Poppies

Last week I spent a few hours photographing the California poppy blooms close to home. Today I got out with a friend and we hiked around the Santa Rosa Plateau and the hills around I-15 in Elsinore, looking for good stuff to photograph. These California poppies (Eschscholzia californica) are from…
March 9, 2008
San DiegoWildflowers

Poppy Explosion

You spins the zoom ring and you takes your chances: California poppies in a blend of rich orange color, blurred by a time exposure. Image ID: 20506 Species: California poppy, Eschscholzia californica, Eschscholtzia californica Location: Del Dios, San Diego, California, USA
March 6, 2008
CaliforniaSan DiegoWildflowers

Photos of Poppies in San Diego

California poppies (Eschscholzia californica) have been blooming all over the place in the San Diego area, courtesy of the terrible wildfires last fall and the perfectly spaced rainfall of the last two months. Here is a hillside that was burnt in October, now coming alive with spring color. My friend…
March 5, 2008

Speeding Cormorant

This is a photograph of a cormorant speeding over the ocean, viewed from above. Taken in pre-dawn light, the slow shutter speed of the camera allowed the details of the bird and water to smear across the image. Double-crested cormorants in flight at sunrise, long exposure produces a blurred motion.…
March 2, 2008
CaliforniaDesertThe American Southwest

Palm Tree Farm

I wandered around a palm tree farm in the desert, feeling like I was amid some kind of midget forest. The palm fronds were just above my head, and the ground was covered in thick fuzz and trimmings from the trees. Due to the wide lens I used, these trees…
March 1, 2008