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December 2006


Jetties, Carlsbad, December 23

Sunny and offshores, beautiful morning. Got to a spot I have wanted to try for a while but just never got around to it before. There was some size this morning. As I checked the surf from shore it seemed that most of the larger barrels went empty (perhaps they…
December 23, 2006
Photo of the Day

Bubble Ring Photo

I had a request this morning for a bubble ring photo. Bubble rings are cool. Dolphins are the best at making them (seriously), having had eons to hone their skills. However, if you are a blowhard and willing to spend some time upsidedown underwater learning this amazing skill, you too…
December 22, 2006

Heaving Mini Tubes

Heaving tube-lets in South Carlsbad this morning: Carlsbad morning shorebreak, heaving little 6 tube.Image ID: 17901 Carlsbad morning shorebreak, heaving little 6 tube.Image ID: 17902
December 19, 2006

Surfline : West Coast Wonderland

Surfline picked up my shot of Carson Smith getting barreled at Ponto for their latest slide show about the swell that hit last week. Carson Smith, Ponto, South Carlsbad, morning surf.Image ID: 17828Location: Ponto, Carlsbad, California, USA
December 18, 2006

Cardiff, December 14

Another nice morning in North County, surf was still strong and fun. Thanks to the surfers who let me poach some shots on their waves. Cardiff, morning surf.Image ID: 17884Location: Cardiff by the Sea, California, USA Cardiff, morning surf.Image ID: 17883Location: Cardiff by the Sea, California, USA Mike Thomas, Cardiff,…
December 14, 2006

Ponto, December 13

Another nice morning in Carlsbad. Full sun, ocean was not too cold, glassy and calm, and a few big bottlenose dolphins swimming in the lineup. However, the water was full of sand from the lagoon so it looks sort of dingy in the photos, and there was a longshore current…
December 13, 2006


Can God create a wave so big that even He couldn't surf it? Ponto, South Carlsbad, morning surf.Image ID: 17833Location: Ponto, Carlsbad, California, USA Waxing philosophical today.
December 11, 2006

Ponto, South Carlsbad, December 9

Got out this morning for a three hour session in some fun surf, first time in the water in about a month. A solid NW swell, light offshore winds, full sun, water not too cold, occasional freight train barrels -- empty. All the surfers were packed at the jetties so…
December 9, 2006