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July 2008


Big Trees Trail on Meares Island

We had a few hours in Tofino one afternoon. Our choice was to go kayaking or take a boat ride over to Meares Island to walk the Big Trees Trail. We choose the latter. Arriving on the narrow shoreline after a 10-minute skiff ride, our boat driver told us he'd…
July 31, 2008

Rainforest in Pacific Rim National Park

One wet foggy morning while in Tofino (come to think of it, most mornings seem to be wet and foggy in Tofino) we rolled a short way down the road into Pacific Rim National Park and took a nice hike, more of a walk really, on the Rainforest Trail. The…
July 29, 2008

Vancouver at Night

This is downtown Vancouver at night -- the Yaletown district -- viewed from Granville Island. After dinner my younger daughter and I took a stroll along the boardwalk in front of our hotel. The walk was now empty of tourists (all of whom had retired to the Granville Island brewery)…
July 28, 2008

British Columbia Photos on Google Earth

We returned from our British Columbia trip last weekend. We spent time in Whistler, Tofino, Victoria and Vancouver and managed to do a lot of biking, ziplining, hiking, flying, eating and beachcombing. During the past week I've reviewed all the photos we shot and edited down to a selection of…
July 27, 2008
CaliforniaLa Jolla

Bear, Stuart Collection, UCSD

Bear is one of the newer pieces in the Stuart Collection of Art at University of California, San Diego (alma mater). Bear is another of the odd outdoor "art" pieces of the UCSD Stuart Collection. Created by Tim Hawkinson in 2001 of eight large stones, it sits in the courtyard…
July 8, 2008

Photo of a Fossilized Fish

This is another fossilized fish from the Green River geological formation, Kemmerer, Wyoming. A member of the Phareodus genus, this specimen was preserved in the fine sediment of an ancient lake. It is thought to be about 40 to 50 million years old, from the Eocene Epoch of the Cenozoic…
July 7, 2008

Fossil Fish

This fossil fish was collected at the Green River geological formation, Kemmerer, Wyoming. Well preserved deep in the sediment of an ancient lake, this fossil fish is estimated to be about 40 to 50 million years old, from the Eocene Epoch of the Cenozoic Era. From a private collection. Fossil…
July 6, 2008

Fourth of July Surf

A beautiful Independence Day morning at Ponto: sunny, glassed with lots of little peaks rolling by. Too bad all the folks from out of town got there at 6am and blocked the Coast Highway with their mega-RVs, making it nearly impossible for the people who actually live around here to…
July 4, 2008

Health Food

We made our annual visit to the Del Mar Fair last night. I hate to admit it, but we ate some of the food. Have you seen the food at the Del Mar Fair? It's enough to give a cardiologist a heart attack just looking at it. Grease and salt…
July 2, 2008