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Aerial PhotographyIceland

Aerial Photos of Iceland

Our travels in Europe were primarily a mix of volleyball, cuisine, art and history. We shoe-horned a week in Iceland between Paris and London with priority on spa selfies at the Blue Lagoon. Secondary goals were taking in the waterfalls, Icelandic horses, black sand beaches and wide-open roads of the…
August 5, 2019
Aerial Photography

Wildcoast Annual Report 2014

The Wildcoast annual report for 2014 has my aerial photograph of a mother and calf gray whale pair swimming off the coast of California on the cover. Wildcoast is a great environmental organization. Cheers and thanks for looking!
January 11, 2015
Aerial Photography

Alien Spaceport Discovered In California

Last year on my flight home from Albuquerque (where I went to photograph birds at Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge), our plane was driven off-course by a strange stream of magno-gravitronic pulses, and we found ourselves over an area of California not normally seen from commercial planes. The pilot…
August 1, 2009
Aerial PhotographyCaliforniaSan Diego

San Diego Pictures

My San Diego pictures are now organized into a gallery of photos of San Diego on this website. San Diego Coronado Bridge, known locally as the Coronado Bridge, links San Diego with Coronado, California. The bridge was completed in 1969 and was a toll bridge until 2002. It is 2.1…
July 30, 2009
Aerial PhotographyCaliforniaSan Diego

Crystal Pier, San Diego

Crystal Pier, a combination hotel and pier in the Pacific Beach community of San Diego, extends 872 feet out into the Pacific Ocean. A few dozen cottages sit on the pier near its base. It was built in 1925. Seen beyond Crystal Pier in this aerial photo are Mission Bay…
February 5, 2009