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Islas CoronadoMexicoUnderwater Life

Whales at the Coronado Islands, Mexico

Whales visit the Coronado Islands in Mexico throughout the year. During winter months, gray whales (Eschrichtius robustus) pass by the islands, first southbound and a few months later traveling north, during their annual migration between Baja California and the Bering Sea. Fin whales (Balaenoptera physalus) and blue whales (Balaenoptera musculus)…
February 12, 2014
CaliforniaMontereyUnderwater Life

Sea Nettles

When I visit Monterey I always make a stop by the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Always. My kids love it, and I can get a better look at some of the undersea life by visiting the aquarium than if I went to the hassle of actually diving. (I used to dive…
November 4, 2008
Underwater Life

Kelp Fronds, Santa Barbara Island

Santa Barbara Island is part of the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary. I used to dive at Santa Barbara Island a few times each year. There are a few pinniped rookeries there, the best one being the sea lions at Webster Point. When the water is clean at Santa Barbara…
May 18, 2008
Galapagos DiariesSharksUnderwater Life

Hammerhead Shark Silhouette

This lone hammerhead shark (Sphyrna lewini) was photographed at Darwin's Arch, Darwin Island, Galapagos Archipelago, Ecuador: Scalloped hammerhead shark, black and white / grainy.Image ID: 16265Species: Scalloped hammerhead shark, Sphyrna lewiniLocation: Darwin Island, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
September 22, 2006
Channel IslandsFishUnderwater Life

Torpedo Ray Photo

In this photo a California torpedo ray (Torpedo californica), or electric ray, is hovering amid the kelp forest while my diving partner Brad Silva is filming it with his bright torchlights and video camera. Santa Rosa Island, Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary, California. Pacific torpedo ray in kelp forest, filming…
August 8, 2006
Galapagos DiariesSharksUnderwater Life

Galapagos Photos

I have posted 575 new images shot on my latest Galapagos Islands diving trip, a 15-day run on the liveaboard M/V Sky Dancer. We had phenomenal encounters with schools of hammerhead sharks (Sphyrna lewini), literally by the hundreds and thousands on nearly all dives at Wolf and Darwin, not to…
August 7, 2006
San Clemente IslandUnderwater Life

Seagrass in Motion

One morning while diving at San Clemente Island I was struck by the lackluster light. It was cloudy and dark and I had yet to find any exciting subjects to shoot. I was spacing out in the shallows watching the kelp fishes meander among the weeds when I started fiddling…
June 2, 2005
SharksUnderwater Life

Caribbean Reef Shark Photo

These Caribbean reef sharks (Carcharhinus perezi) were photographed a few weeks ago in the northern Bahamas: Caribbean reef shark, ampullae of Lorenzini visible on snout.Image ID: 10550Species: Caribbean reef shark, Carcharhinus pereziLocation: Bahamas Caribbean reef shark.Image ID: 10549Species: Caribbean reef shark, Carcharhinus pereziLocation: Bahamas Caribbean reef shark swims over a…
March 4, 2005