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August 2007

LandscapeOregonPhoto of the Day

Derelict Pier Pilings in Astoria

Astoria, Oregon and the communities surrounding it, at the mouth of the Columbia River, have a long maritime history (since at least the time of Lewis and Clark). It seems like there are thousands of derelict, abandoned and decaying piers all over the place. Derelict pilings, remnants of long abandoned…
August 31, 2007

Columbia River Viewed From Vista House

Vista House was built in 1918 as a memorial to Oregon pioneers and as a comfort station for those traveling on the Historic Columbia River Highway. The octagonal stone structure towers 733 feet above the Columbia River and provides a spectacular view. Click it to see it larger, or see…
August 30, 2007

Lunar Eclipse Photo

I took some photos of the total lunar eclipse last night from my backyard. At the peak of the eclipse, when the moon was totally in the Earth's shadow, no direct sunlight reached the moon so it was lit only faintly by light refracting (bending) through the relatively thin layer…
August 28, 2007

Lake Tahoe Panoramic Photo

Last summer we went to Lake Tahoe for a wedding. Lake Tahoe in summer is beautiful. I found a turnout on the highway above Incline Village which offered this view. This is a panoramic photograph obtained by stitching 6 separate images together on the computer. If you like this you…
August 17, 2007

Mount St. Helens Panoramic Photo

From the 2005 archives: I left Seattle in the late afternoon and began my speed run south, home to Carlsbad. I planned to stop at three spots: Mount St. Helens, Crater Lake and Oakland. I reached the Johnston Ridge viewpoint of Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument (say that three…
August 15, 2007
Photo of the Day

Le Barn Appetit, Seward, Alaska

Yvon van Driessche owns and runs Le Barn Appetit, a funky inn and delicious restaurant in Seward, Alaska. I was looking for a room in Seward and all the hotels I could find on the internet were full, but someone was kind enough to recommend Le Barn. Yup, its actually…
August 12, 2007
PanoramasSierra Nevada

Minarets Panorama

On our way to a wedding in Tahoe last summer we stopped for a bit of fishing at Mammoth Lakes. I got up early and made a sunrise visit to the Minarets overlook, and got this view. This is a panoramic photograph, composed of 10 separate images stitched (on the…
August 9, 2007

Exit Glacier Panoramic Photo

While visiting Kenai Fjords National Park recently, I spent the morning taking an easy hike up to the terminal end (terminus?) of Exit Glacier. This is a popular spot, since it is a gentle hike and it is the main attraction of the only road that enters the national park.…
August 3, 2007

Moonlight Morning Glass

Dropped my daughter off at junior lifeguard class this morning and got in a quick swim before starting work for the day. The skies were overcast and the waves were small, but so glassy. Combination of the flat light and glassy water made it difficult to discern swells coming in…
August 2, 2007