Hite Crossing Bridge over the Colorado River, Utah

By February 9, 2024Utah

The Hite Crossing Bridge lies in the spectacular middle of nowhere, spanning the Colorado River in southern Utah near the north end of Lake Powell. It is the only crossing of the Colorado River on a 295 mile stretch (110 miles north at Moab and 185 miles south at Glen Canyon are the nearest bridges).

Here the Colorado River flows west. The snow-capped Henry Mountains are seen in the distance with many shades of sandstone as far as the eye can see.  Built in 1966, the Hite Crossing Bridge was named for the earlier Hite Crossing, a ford on the Colorado River built by Cass Hite, a late 1800’s prospector that was for many years the only way across the river.  Whenever I drive from Mexico Hat to Hanksville on scenic, lonely and beautiful Highway 95, I make a stop at the Hite Crossing Bridge and if the weather is nice will fly my drone for a photo. Cheers, and thanks for looking!

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