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August 2011

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Stock Photo Gallery: Icebergs

Stock photos of Icebergs One of my goals in January 2010 when I traveled to the Southern Ocean and Antarctica was to make a series of good iceberg photos. I think I succeeded! It was wonderful cruising around the Antarctic Peninsula and witnessing the variety of shapes, sizes and hues…
August 31, 2011
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New Work – August 2011

If you want to go straight to the good stuff and skip my base prose, visit my "New Work" gallery! My latest sampling of new photography originates from a variety of great outdoor experiences, all with my family and a couple of good friends. All of these images were produced…
August 18, 2011
Sierra NevadaYosemite

Vernal Falls, Yosemite National Park

Photos of Vernal Falls and the Mist Trail in Yosemite National Park Sarah and I recently made our somewhat-annual hike up the Mist Trail in Yosemite, enjoying the heights and sounds of Vernal Falls and Nevada Falls, as well as the Panorama Trail. It was not a serious photography outing…
August 10, 2011

iPhone Panoramic Photography, #3

iPhone Panoramic Photos. If you like these, be sure to see my first set of iPhone Panorama Photos and a second set of iPhone Panorama Photos. Why do I shoot photos with the iPhone when I have a "real camera"? Quite often we are out and about scouting locations to…
August 2, 2011