The World’s Greatest Photo Subjects

The World's Greatest Photo Subjects. I'm going big with this blog entry! After 20 years of making photographs, I realized I have had the good fortune of seeing some of Earth's greatest natural history spectacles with my own eyes. I looked back and made a list of eleven of the…
June 8, 2012
AlaskaBald EagleIcons

Bald Eagle Landing, Alaska

See the new bald eagle photos. A large group of bald eagles (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) was gathered on the snow-covered ground when periodically another eagle would arrive, in flight, and join the group by skimming just over their heads, slowing with wings outstretched, finding a suitable spot amid the crush, and…
April 5, 2009
EgyptIconsPhoto of the Day

Photo of the Egyptian Pyramids

We wrapped up our stay in Egypt with some time at my brother's house in Cairo, touring the older parts of the city and seeing some off-the-beaten-path markets, mosques, and other amazing stuff. One highlight of our time in Cairo was a day at the Giza necropololis to see the…
May 20, 2007
CaliforniaIconsTreesWhite Mountains

Photos of Ancient Bristlecone Pine Trees

Ancient Bristlecone pine trees (Pinus longaeva) live in a relatively restricted area of eastern California, Nevada and Utah, typically at altitudes above 9500'. The ancient bristlecone pine tree is considered to be the world's oldest species of tree (and indeed the world's oldest sexually reproducing, nonclonal lifeform). A number of…
October 8, 2006
IconsNew York

Photo of the Brooklyn Bridge, New York City

Just returned from a week in New York City. We had a chance to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and view the Manhattan waterfront from the elevated perspective of the bridge, through its many cables. Here are a few photos from our walk: Brooklyn Bridge cables and tower.Image ID: 11070Location:…
April 12, 2005