Morro Bay

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Morro Bay Panorama

I got up early one morning while we were in Morro Bay to photograph the view from Morro Bay State Park, around the bay and north to Morro Rock. There was a slight offshore breeze and the air was cold and dry giving clear views in every direction. My father-in-law's…
January 7, 2009
CaliforniaMorro Bay

Earth Shadow

Have you ever seen those layers of blue, purple and pink along the horizon just before sunrise? The darker sky, lowest on the horizon, is actually the shadow of the Earth cast upon the atmosphere, while the lighter sky above is the atmosphere as it is lit by the sun.…
January 1, 2009
CaliforniaMorro Bay

Photo of Sea Otter Mother and Pup

On my way back down the coast from Big Sur I made a stop in Morro Bay for a bite, and to take a quick look in the harbor for interesting fishing boats, birds or otters. I didn't see any good birds, and the light was overcast which made for…
February 9, 2008