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April 2006


Western Gull, Larus occidentalis

The Western gull, Larus occidentalis, is a large white-headed gull common along the western coast of North America. The Western gull ranges from British Columbia to Baja California. It is exclusively marine, and nests on offshore rocks and islands. While offshore it feeds on fishes and invertebrates that it can…
April 18, 2006
Photo of the Day

Northern Fur Seal Photos

Some years ago I had the good fortune to swim with and photograph a group of Northern fur seals (Callorhinus ursinus) at San Miguel Island, the northernmost of the Channel Islands offshore of central California. I was there on a multi day tank diving trip. Blessed with fantastic weather, we…
April 16, 2006
Ocean SunfishWildlife

Sport Diver Cover

My photograph of an ocean sunfish alongside drift kelp appeared on the June 2003 cover of Sport Diver magazine: Ocean sunfish recruiting fish near drift kelp to clean parasites, open ocean, Baja California.Image ID: 03267Species: Ocean sunfish, Mola mola Keywords: Mola mola, ocean sunfish photos.
April 12, 2006
Guadalupe IslandMexico

Freediving and Spearfishing Cover

My photograph of expert freediver, spearfisherman, long range boat captain and all-around-good-guy Chris Thompson was taken at Guadalupe Island in July 2001 shortly after he speared his ginormous yellowfin tuna (not his first mind you). It then appeared on the Summer 2002 cover of the International Freediving and Spearfishing News:…
April 11, 2006
Photo of the Day

Double Crested Cormorant Photos

These double-crested cormorants (Phalacrocorax auritus) were photographed on the La Jolla cliffs. The double-crested cormorant ranges from Alaska to Nova Scotia south into Mexico -- most of North America -- wintering on both coasts. It swims underwater quite well, diving for fish and invertebrates up to 100' deep (personal observation).…
April 10, 2006

Biological Sciences Cover

Here's another "scientific journal" cover, I've had a few of these in the last three years. My photograph of schooling jacks in the Sea of Cortez appeared on the cover of the January 2006 issue of Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society: Biological Sciences to accompany The principles of collective…
April 8, 2006

Baja California to the Bering Sea Cover

My photograph of a schooling jacks in the Sea of Cortez appeared on the cover of Baja California to the Bering Sea, a report on marine priority conservation areas issued by the Commission for Environmental Cooperation of North America and the Marine Conservation Biology Institute (Morgan, Maxwell, Tsao, Wilkinson and…
April 7, 2006

All Animals Cover

My photograph of a neonate gray whale calf underwater near the Monterey Peninsula appeared on the Summer 2002 cover of the All Animals magazine, the official publication of the Humane Society of the United States: A neonate gray whale calf, born just hours before, still exhbiting embryonic folds in the…
April 6, 2006

Ecology Letters Cover

In addition to the cover of Nature a few years ago, I've had interest from other scientific and peer-reviewed journals recently. My photograph of a scalloped hammerhead shark appeared on the October 2005 cover of Ecology Letters, to accompany Direct and indirect fishery effects on small coastal elasmobranchs in the…
April 5, 2006

Where Cover

My photograph of a gray whale blowing as it surfaces along the Big Sur coast appeared on the cover of the Where magazine: Gray whale, blow.Image ID: 01173Species: Gray whale, Eschrichtius robustusLocation: Big Sur, California, USA
April 4, 2006
Photo of the Day

Photo of a Wood Duck, Aix Sponsa

The wood duck (Aix sponsa) inhabits lakes, swamps and streams throughout much of North America. Curiously, it is one of just a few duck species in North America that nests in trees. The male wood duck has a bright plumage pattern including rich green, white, brown and red colors, while…
April 3, 2006