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August 2010

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Redwood National Park Video

Redwood National Park Video We spent a few days relaxing in Orick, California, in the heart of Redwood National Park. We enjoyed some great hikes among the towering coastal redwood trees, a little horseback riding, some uncrowded and beautiful beaches, and lots of Roosevelt elk that reside in the meadows…
August 16, 2010
AntarcticaPenguinSouthern Ocean

Bailey Head, Deception Island, Antarctica

Bailey Head, Deception Island, Antarctic Peninsula Chinstrap penguins at Bailey Head, Deception Island. Chinstrap penguins enter and exit the surf on the black sand beach at Bailey Head on Deception Island. Bailey Head is home to one of the largest colonies of chinstrap penguins in the world.Image ID: 25455Species: Chinstrap…
August 8, 2010
Skip's Trips

Skip Stubbs at Guadalupe Island 2010

My good friend and diving partner Skip Stubbs recently returned another trip to Guadalupe Island, Mexico. Skip shot some nice still photographs in addition to his usual video footage. They make me long to be back down at the island again. Skip comments: After an unfortunate 4 year hiatus, we…
August 4, 2010