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February 2006


Psycho Bird

Check out this crazed seagull. Until today I had no idea that birds actually had tongues. Learn something new (and useful) every day it seems. Larus psychobirdus. Western gull, open mouth.Image ID: 15563Species: Western gull, Larus occidentalisLocation: La Jolla, California, USA
February 21, 2006
Central CoastSurf

Mavericks Surf Contest 2006

The Mavericks Surf Contest 2006 photos are now online. I shot the 2006 running of the Mavericks Surf Contest, held February 7, 2006 at Half Moon Bay, California. The event went off very well, with great organization, beautiful weather and near perfect waves. The Mavericks Surf Contest is about big…
February 7, 2006
Pelicans of La JollaSeabird

Pelican Head Throw

See my Guide to Photographing Pelicans in La Jolla. Here are a few photos of California brown pelicans performing the pelican head throw, also known as the pelican bill throw. It looks painful. The brown pelican lifts its large bill up, arches its neck back until the throat gular pouch…
February 1, 2006