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June 2005


Revenge of the Mahi Mahi :: Part II

Continued from Part I You see, mahi, as open water fish are prone to do, seek cover underneath and beside any floating object that they can find. This mahi is no exception. He has seen manfish before, swimming gracefully below the surface and sporting deadly appendages that send out flashing…
June 14, 2005

Revenge of the Mahi Mahi :: Part I

REVENGE OF THE MAHI, or, The Hapless Research Videographer Perhaps their reputation is unjustified. I know of no documented case where a human has been attacked by one. Nevertheless, false killer whales (Pseudorca crassidens) are intimidating creatures. Have a false killer swim up to you and smile, displaying its many…
June 13, 2005
San Clemente IslandUnderwater Life

Seagrass in Motion

One morning while diving at San Clemente Island I was struck by the lackluster light. It was cloudy and dark and I had yet to find any exciting subjects to shoot. I was spacing out in the shallows watching the kelp fishes meander among the weeds when I started fiddling…
June 2, 2005