Best Photographs of the Year

Best Photographs of the Year

Natural History Photography – Best Photos of 2017

My Best Natural History Photographs of 2017 2017 offered opportunities for me to visit remote and seldom-seen Clipperton Island, frolic with enormous Steller Sea Lions in the chilly waters of British Columbia, photograph (again) the wonderful underwater and aerial views of the Sea of Cortez, hike among Southern California's technicolor…
December 17, 2017
Best Photographs of the Year

Best Photos of 2011

Best Photos of 2011 In a past "best of" post I stated that one of my goals is to make a handful of really strong images each year, images that could be included in a career retrospective portfolio. This year I will admit that another of my goals is to…
January 9, 2012
Best Photographs of the Year

Best Photos of 2010

Best Photos of 2010 A good friend once told me that his photography goal was to shoot two or three really good images each year. I've tried to keep that in mind in the years since. It is only on looking back over the last year's photographs, having now removed…
December 31, 2010
Best Photographs of the Year

Best Photos of 2009

Best Photos of 2009 Looking back on 2009, I realize I was fortunate to spend a lot of time outdoors -- alone, with my family and with friends old and new -- pursuing photographs and adventure. During the course of those outings I brought back some images I am proud…
December 31, 2009
Best Photographs of the Year

Best Photos of 2008

Best Photos of 2008 In 2008, my photographic pursuits took me (and often, Tracy and the girls as well) all over San Diego, the central coast and deserts of California, Canada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, up in a plane and south of the border. Here are the photos from 2008…
December 31, 2008
Best Photographs of the Year

Best Photos of 2007

Best Photos of 2007 I had a couple of fantastic road trips last year, putting big miles on my Expedition, including a winter trip through Utah and Arizona (where I was able to enjoy a number of iconic locations totally alone!), a long weekend in Minnesota, a memorable journey to…
December 31, 2007