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Surfing Penguins

Last year I got to cross off one of my bucket list items: surfing penguins. I was fortunate to see surfing gentoo penguins (Pygoscelis papua) on New Island in the Falkland Islands. After hiking around some of New Island for most of the afternoon, visiting a couple of penguin and…
April 27, 2011
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Steeple Jason, West Falklands

Photos of Steeple Jason Island and Black-browed albatross, West Falklands, Falkland Islands Steeple Jason, one of the Jason group of islands, is to be our only landing today. There has been quite a bit of anticipation for this visit. It is considered one of the major landings of the trip,…
March 10, 2010
FalklandsSouthern Ocean

Westpoint Island, Falkland Islands

Photos of Westpoint Island and Rockhopper Penguins, Falkland Islands Morning finds us at Westpoint Island. We can only see about 200’ up into the rolling green hills; heavy cloud cover obscures everything above that. It looks wet in the hills. Our zodiac lands on a small boat ramp, one of…
February 23, 2010
FalklandsSouthern Ocean

New Island, Falkland Islands

Photos of New Island, Falkland Islands Tall seacliffs overlook the southern Atlantic Ocean, a habitat on which albatross and penguin reside.Image ID: 23809Location: New Island, Falkland Islands, United Kingdom Today is New Years Day, an appropos date on which to land at New Island in the Falklands, our first landing…
February 22, 2010