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January 2009

CaliforniaMorro BayPanoramas

Morro Bay Panorama

I got up early one morning while we were in Morro Bay to photograph the view from Morro Bay State Park, around the bay and north to Morro Rock. There was a slight offshore breeze and the air was cold and dry giving clear views in every direction. My father-in-law's…
January 7, 2009
Rose Atoll

Rose Atoll Marine National Monument

President Bush today created Rose Atoll Marine National Monument, along with two other enormous marine national monuments in the Pacific Ocean. With the stroke of a pen, President Bush has protected more marine habitat by far (measured in square miles) that any person in history. This is particularly exciting for…
January 6, 2009

Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa

If you are a third grader in California, chances are that you are doing your Mission Project this year, and my third grade daughter is no exception. Each student is assigned one of the California missions upon which to report. My daughter reported on Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa…
January 4, 2009

Snow on San Jacinto

Mount San Jacinto had a lot of snow over the Christmas holiday, the result of a couple of really cold storms passing through recently.  Here San Jacinto is seen with some of the San Gorgonio Pass Wind Farm wind turbines (windmills) at its base. Wind turbines, rise above the flat…
January 3, 2009

Wind Turbines and Mount San Gorgonio

While out in the desert for the holiday, I made a early morning drive to see San Jacinto covered by recent snow. I stopped at my favorite promontory to get a few shots of the wind turbines (wind mills). The wind was really howling through the San Gorgonio Pass this…
January 2, 2009
CaliforniaMorro Bay

Earth Shadow

Have you ever seen those layers of blue, purple and pink along the horizon just before sunrise? The darker sky, lowest on the horizon, is actually the shadow of the Earth cast upon the atmosphere, while the lighter sky above is the atmosphere as it is lit by the sun.…
January 1, 2009