Stock Photo Gallery: Bodie State Historic Park

Bodie State Historic Park Photos A few years ago I visited Bodie Ghost Town, aka Bodie State Historic Park, near Mono Lake in the Eastern Sierra to photograph the old buildings in early morning light. It was a great experience. I had heard that Bodie is one of the the…
November 21, 2011
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Stock Photo Gallery: Antarctica Photos

Antarctica Pictures and Stock Photos of the Antarctic Peninsula I have assembled my favorite Antarctica Photos into a stock photography gallery. The Antarctic Peninsula is perhaps the single most photogenic place I have ever been. The photographs nearly take themselves and every direction one turns holds a scenic view. Some…
November 16, 2011

Stock Photo Gallery: Gorgonian Photos

Underwater photographs of Gorgonians When I was doing a lot of diving in southern California, some of my favorite subjects were gorgonians. Gorgonians are colonial invertebrates that, as a group, form flexible calcareous skeletons several feet across. The tiny individual polyps positioned on the branches of these "sea fans" wait…
October 21, 2011

Stock Photo Gallery: Fall Colors

Stock photos of Fall Colors I've lived in California and travelled throughout the western United States my entire life, but it was not until 2006 that I began to really look for autumn color in nature. Since then I've made a few trips to see turning aspens in the Eastern…
September 28, 2011
AntarcticaGalleriesSouthern Ocean

Stock Photo Gallery: Icebergs

Stock photos of Icebergs One of my goals in January 2010 when I traveled to the Southern Ocean and Antarctica was to make a series of good iceberg photos. I think I succeeded! It was wonderful cruising around the Antarctic Peninsula and witnessing the variety of shapes, sizes and hues…
August 31, 2011
GalleriesNew Work

New Work – August 2011

If you want to go straight to the good stuff and skip my base prose, visit my "New Work" gallery! My latest sampling of new photography originates from a variety of great outdoor experiences, all with my family and a couple of good friends. All of these images were produced…
August 18, 2011
GalleriesNew Work

New Work – July 2011

I was fortunate to make a return trip to Joshua Tree National Park with Garry McCarthy to try to improve on the night time arch photos we made there earlier. I think I succeeded, producing three keepers including one large panoramic image of the Milky Way spanning the night sky…
July 11, 2011

Stock Photo Gallery: Man and Ocean

I'm gradually updating my web site, which has not seen any real improvements since about 2005 (when I added a blog). The "galleries" are now formatted somewhat better and include much more recent images. First up: Man and Ocean, stock photography of the many way man works and plays in…
June 23, 2011