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January 2024

La JollaSea Lion

California Sea Lions Bodysurfing at La Jolla Cove

I've been waiting and watching for weeks for the California sea lions at La Jolla Cove to begin bodysurfing. It's usually a winter behavior.  I've seen small bouts of surfing from them recently but nothing worth photographing, until a few days ago. I guess they were waiting for last June's…
January 15, 2024
Pelicans of La JollaSeabird

La Jolla Seabirds in Late December

Our long run of perfect weather mornings changed, and my string of uninterrupted days photographing in La Jolla came to an end, in mid-December around Christmas.  Still, I enjoyed several nice mornings including a few with good flight behavior. Most interesting were two days in which a large bait ball…
January 3, 2024