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December 2010

Best Photographs of the Year

Best Photos of 2010

Best Photos of 2010 A good friend once told me that his photography goal was to shoot two or three really good images each year. I've tried to keep that in mind in the years since. It is only on looking back over the last year's photographs, having now removed…
December 31, 2010
CaliforniaLa JollaPelicans of La JollaSeabird

La Jolla Pelicans

I was recently contacted by a fellow from outside the country who would like to visit La Jolla to photograph, among other things, California brown pelicans (Pelecanus occidentalis californicus), but was concerned about access to the bluff where these birds are best photographed. Since I had not been down to…
December 24, 2010
Southern Ocean

The Drake Passage, Southern Ocean

The Drake Passage is rumored to be the nastiest, meanest, toughest ocean crossing in the world. Many who round Cape Horn at the southern tip of South America relate the impressiveness of the Drake's ocean swells. It is a crossing of the Drake, typically a two-day affair during which the…
December 23, 2010
AntarcticaHumpback WhaleSouthern Ocean

Neko Harbor, Antarctica

Photos of Neko Harbor, Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctica I awoke this morning to find us in the calm anchorage of Paradise Bay. The water was glass, and bergs were slowly drifting by the boat, riding tidal currents. I set up a time lapse sequence on the stern of the boat and…
December 20, 2010
AntarcticaSouthern Ocean

Peterman Island, Antarctica

Photos of Peterman Island, Antarctica Soon after passing through the Lemaire Channel we arrive at Peterman Island. Peterman Island is a relatively low-lying, somewhat flattish granite island with scattered gentoo penguin (Pygoscelis papua) colonies and some small ponds. Rounded rocks along the edge of the island are awash with small…
December 18, 2010
AntarcticaSouthern Ocean

Lemaire Channel, Antarctica

Soon after leaving Port Lockroy in our wake, we arrive at the famous Lemaire Channel, noted for its narrow confines and spectacular cliffs rising on each side. About six miles long, the LeMaire Channel takes about one hour to navigate (depending on how much ice is in the channel). Conditions…
December 17, 2010
AntarcticaSouthern Ocean

Port Lockroy, Antarctica

Photos of Port Lockroy, Antarctica It was quite early in the morning that our day began, traveling down the Neumayer Channel to tiny Goudier Island on which the Port Lockeroy base resides. The skies were heavily overcast, so we did not have an opportunity to see the magnificent surroundings that…
December 16, 2010