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January 2012

San Diego

Stock Photos of Coronado, San Diego, California

Stock photos of Coronado, San Diego, California My recent San Diego Magazine cover photo of the San Diego Coronado Bridge has generated some potential new clients for me over the past few days. I've assembled a gallery of Coronado Island photos for them to consider for related publishing projects. We'll…
January 29, 2012
Beautiful Views of San DiegoSan Diego

Leucadia Sunset

Sunset over the Ocean, Leucadia, California This photo was made a few minutes after the sun went down, in Leucadia, California, an eclectic beach community in north San Diego county that is home to great surf, great taco shops and nouveau riche homes teetering on the edge of crumbling sea…
January 18, 2012
Beautiful Views of San DiegoSan Diego

Imperial Beach Pier

The Imperial Beach Pier is an old, charismatic wooden pier reaching out in the lovely Pacific from that funky and most-southerly city in California: Imperial Beach. The Imperial Beach Pier, of "I.B. Pier", was most recently built in 1989. It is 1491' long and 24' wide and situated in water…
January 16, 2012
New Work

New Work – October 2011

If you want to go straight to the eye candy and skip the verbage, visit my “New Work - October 2011” gallery! My October 2011 release of new photography is fairly focused and includes some underwater images of blue whales, nighttime photographs of bioluminescence caused by red tide dinoflagellate plankton,…
January 15, 2012
Best Photographs of the Year

Best Photos of 2011

Best Photos of 2011 In a past "best of" post I stated that one of my goals is to make a handful of really strong images each year, images that could be included in a career retrospective portfolio. This year I will admit that another of my goals is to…
January 9, 2012

Sea of Cortez Underwater Canon 7D Video Footage

I recently finished editing still photographs made in the Sea of Cortez in November. While I was shooting photos I also took some time to grab video footage with the Canon 7D that I was using. This is a rough edit that I made from some clips, assembled in iMovie.…
January 1, 2012