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September 2009

Sierra Nevada

Banzai Run To Bishop Creek and Rock Creek

I got reports that the Eastern Sierra fall colors in the Bishop Creek Canyon basin were starting to peak at higher elevations, and that one or two weather developments in the coming week might affect the weekend of 10/3-4, so I decided to jam up to Bishop (5 hours from…
September 28, 2009

Expose to the Right

Are you exposing to the right and using the best in-camera settings for contrast and saturation? If you shoot RAW and expose to the right and think contrast and saturation settings don't affect you, think again. If you judge your exposure settings on whether you are clipping the highlights on…
September 22, 2009
Sierra Nevada

Photo of Devil’s Postpile National Monument

We wrapped up our end-of-summer family vacation in Mammoth, which we love to visit in the summer. We took the bus to Devil's Postpile National Monument, never having seen it before. Our timing could not have been better, we got there just before the sun went down, leaving the Devil's…
September 7, 2009
CaliforniaSierra Nevada

Eastern Sierra Fall Colors

I recently posted some new images from a September 2009 visit to the Bishop Creek and Rock Creek watersheds, as well as a list of resources for learning more about where and when the fall colors can be expected to appear, and how to best photograph Fall Colors in the…
September 6, 2009
Sierra NevadaTreesYosemite

Giant Sequoia Pictures

Many of my giant sequoia pictures are now on Photoshelter, which is the source of this nifty slideshow. Sequoia trees really are the most majestic of all plants. They are the largest (i.e., most massive) life forms on earth, and they are nearly the tallest (exceeded only by their cousins…
September 2, 2009
CaliforniaSierra NevadaYosemite

Photos of Glacial Erratic Boulders

Some years ago I posted a blog entry about photos of glacial erratic boulders on Olmsted Point in Yosemite National Park. Well, I was recently there and got a few more. Glacial erratic boulders are so named because they are erratic (i.e., differ materially from the naturally occuring stone nearby)…
September 1, 2009