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February 2007

CaliforniaLa JollaPhoto of the DayWildlife

Photos of Cormorants in Flight

Cormorants (Phalacrocorax sp.) flying low over the ocean, speeding offshore before sunrise to forage for food before returning to rest on cliffs later in the day. La Jolla. Double-crested cormorants in flight at sunrise, long exposure produces a blurred motion.Image ID: 15280Species: Double-crested cormorant, Phalacrocorax auritusLocation: La Jolla, California, USA…
February 16, 2007
CaliforniaPhoto of the DayWildlife

Sunrise Seagull

A Western gull (Larus occidentalis) in pink predawn light, 30 minutes before sunrise, La Jolla. Western gull, early morning pink sky.Image ID: 18394Species: Western gull, Larus occidentalisLocation: La Jolla, California, USA
February 15, 2007
CaliforniaElephant SealWildlife

Happy Valentines Day

Elephant seals (Mirounga angustirostris) showing extreme sexual dimorphism (difference between sexes). Male elephant seals can be 3-4 times as massive as females. Central California. Elephant seals in the surf, showing extreme dimorphism, males (5000 lb) are triple the size of females (1700 lb). Central California.Image ID: 15497Species: Elephant seal, Mirounga…
February 14, 2007
CaliforniaLa JollaSurf

Boomer Beach Bodysurf

Some heavy surf this morning in La Jolla. It's difficult to get a good shot of this wave as it is crumbly and not particularly attractive, the angle from shore is straight on and the wave is not hollow. Here are a couple guys who took off while I was…
February 2, 2007

Mavericks Surf Photo

Grant "Twiggy" Baker, on his way to winning the 2006 running of the Mavericks Surf Contest. This was one of my two favorite frames of the day. I hope to get up there again for the 2007 contest. These guys are superb athletes taking on a truly impressive wave in…
February 1, 2007