Channel Islands

Anacapa Island, Aerial Photo, Channel Islands National Park, California

Aerial Photography, Channel Islands

This is Anacapa Island, viewed from the west with the California coastline visible in the distance. Anacapa Island is composed of three islets stretching about 6 miles long, located 11 miles off the coast. West Anacapa, seen here, is the highest of the three reaching an altitude of 930′ above the sea. Anacapa Island is part of California’s “Channel Islands” and is one of the five islands in Channel Islands National Park. This image was made during an aerial whale survey of the Channel Islands.

Anacapa Island, west end, aerial photo

Anacapa Island, west end, aerial photo
Image ID: 29400
Location: Anacapa Island, California, USA

Torpedo Ray Photo

Channel Islands, Fish, Underwater Life

In this photo a California torpedo ray (Torpedo californica), or electric ray, is hovering amid the kelp forest while my diving partner Brad Silva is filming it with his bright torchlights and video camera. Santa Rosa Island, Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary, California.

Pacific torpedo ray in kelp forest, filming lights, Torpedo californica, Macrocystis pyrifera, Santa Rosa Island

Pacific torpedo ray in kelp forest, filming lights.
Image ID: 01009
Species: Pacific torpedo ray, Torpedo californica, Macrocystis pyrifera
Location: Santa Rosa Island, California, USA

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