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October 2005

Skip Stubbs in the Sea of Cortez (2005)

Skip's Trips

My good friend and diving partner Skip Stubbs recently returned from his annual October visit to La Paz. As usual, the focus of the trip was underwater video of the excellent schools of fish that inhabit the reefs in the Sea of Cortez. For those of you who do not know Skip, let it be said that he is a skilled marine videographer with a lengthy and growing list of broadcast credits. However, he has not been shooting still photos since the days of film. In addition to his hours in the water shooting video freediving and on tanks, on this trip Skip also spent a lot of time shooting still photographs with impressive results. It is amazing what great images a skilled diver can make with a modern digital camera and good light. Impressive shots!

Skip’s images are spread over three pages: here, here and here.

Seattle Skyline Photo


While in Seattle this past summer, I made a quick trip to Kerry Park on Queen Anne Hill to catch a view of the downtown Seattle City Skyline. I was hoping to get some nice Space Needle photos. When I arrived I was surprised to find 50+ photographers there, at least an hour before sunset, with more arriving every minute. As it happened, my visit coincided with the only day of the year in which the rise of the full moon occurred directly behind the Space Needle as viewed from Kerry Park. Some of the people said they had been planning to shoot this for months, and one eager-beaver with a 600mm lens who shot the same phenomenon the previous year went so far as to combine lunar tables and geographic software to predict above which building the moon would first appear. My stumbling upon the alignment of moon, Space Needle and clear weather was fortunate indeed. The saying goes that “even a blind squirrel sometimes finds a nut” and this sure proved true for me. I hung around and waited for the moon to make its appearance, and then shot a series of frames. By the time I left there were probably 300+ people at the park having a great time, partying in the street, relaxing and enjoying the superb weather. A nice evening, to be sure. I left with some nice Seattle skyline photos.

Here there is still a bit of daylight left, at dusk:

Full moon rises over Seattle city skyline at dusk, Space Needle at right

Full moon rises over Seattle city skyline at dusk, Space Needle at right.
Image ID: 13661
Location: Seattle, Washington, USA

A while later, all that is visible are the lights of the city, spotlights on the Space Needle, and the moon:

Full moon rises over Seattle city skyline, Space Needle at right

Full moon rises over Seattle city skyline, Space Needle at right.
Image ID: 13665
Location: Seattle, Washington, USA

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