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Tides of Time Cover

Filed under: Tear Sheets on 2/13/2013

“Times of Time” was a coffee table-type book, a collaborative product of the Jaeger-LeCoutre Watch Company, the United Nations, the World Heritage Centre and the International Herald Tribune, focusing on ocean issues. My photo of a newborn gray whale calf, photographed 17 years ago offshore of Point Lobos / Big Sur with photographer pals Ken Howard, Skip Stubbs and Kevin McDonnell, was selected for the cover. Note the embryonic folds seen along the whales body, a result of it being curled up in the womb, and a bit of the umbilicus — this calf was very very young, perhaps just hours old. Cheers, and thanks for looking!

Newborn gray whale calf photograph by Phillip Colla / Oceanlight.com

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