New Sunrise Photographs of San Diego’s City Skyline

Each year I make several outings to shoot San Diego’s beautiful skyline over San Diego Bay, from several of my favorite vantage points. I often license these images for real estate and convention use and want to keep them up-to-date as the skyline changes with new buildings and waterfront facilities.  Here are a few I created recently on a crisp, cold winter morning. In these wide and extremely high-resolution panoramic photos, San Diego’s waterfront and skyline are seen from Coronado Island. In each image, I focus on a notable section of the city, including the San Diego Convention Center, the Grand Hyatt and Marriott Hotels, and the Embarcadero.  There is a brief time before sunrise when the nighttime lights of a city are balanced perfectly with the brightness of the waxing sunrise sky. It is my favorite time of day to be around town, since there are few people around, no traffic, and usually no wind.  These images are all made during that time. Click each one to go big. Cheers, and thanks for looking!

About Phil Colla

I am a natural history photographer. I enjoy making compelling images in the ocean, on land, and in the air. I have maintained the Natural History Photography blog since 2005 and my searchable Natural History Photography Library since 1997. Here are some tear sheets and behind the scenes views. Thanks for looking!