As Seen On ABC Television’s Extreme Makeover : Home Edition

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Update: some of my dolphin photos are used to create the gigantic wall murals that surround 11-year old Jael’s dolphin themed bedroom, revealed in the final minutes of the program. The perspective of the room is that of a diver (or another dolphin), surrounded on all sides and below by blue Bahamian water, white sand and many dolphins. It looked pretty cool on the broadcast and I hope to see some photos of the room itself soon. We hope Jael Kirkwood likes her new room and gets a chance to swim with dolphins sometime.

Phillip Colla’s photography will be featured tonight during the January 15th, 2006 two-part episode of ABC Television’s Extreme Makeover : Home Edition. This show is apparently a big hit, although since we don’t watch television we don’t really know that for sure so we will have to check it out and see! We expect you to check it out too, you are going to watch, right? The show airs at 7/6c on Sunday, January 15, 2006 with the second episode at 8/7c.

Background: in November I received a phone call from one of the production managers of ABC Television’s Extreme Makeover : Home Edition, inquiring about our photographs. They must have found the photos on our web site since that is the only way anyone ever finds us to inquire about photographs as we do no marketing whatsoever, being averse to marketing. Long story short, we provided photography that will appear in the “secret room” that is featured at the end of the episode. We cannot reveal the details until after the show airs. We’ll just watch the show and see how it turns out (we don’t know yet), and we think you should too since the photography featured in it will be top notch. We are pretty sure Phil’s photography won’t appear until near the end, since it is part of the “secret room” that is only revealed at the end by Ty Pennington (the host of the show).

We especially send our very best wishes to the Kirkwood Family, who are the great family featured on tonight’s episode, and hope they thrive and are happy in their new home!

Here is a list of contributors to the Kirkwood Family’s new home.

Check it out: 7/6c Sunday January 15, 2006, 2 hrs. Tell ABC Television’s Extreme Makeover : Home Edition that you especially liked the photos. While we are not certain, we think that the program will actually air in two special back-to-back episodes. So tune in, meet the Kirkwood Family and see if you can spot Phil’s snaps.

By the way, if you are interested in having a room-sized mural of our photography created for your home, similar to what appears in Jael’s room in the Kirkland home, please contact Lynn Krinsky at Stella Color in Seattle. She can give you all the specifics and create the mural you are looking for:

Lynn Krinsky
Stella Color
416 Dexter Ave N
Seattle, WA 98109
PH: 206-223-2303
FX: 206-223-7005

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