Fluid Carpet, Abstract Photo

By June 19, 2009Abstract

OK, I admit it, my youngest daughter shot this image. I let her loose with our uber-mikro-digi-kamera one day while we were crashed at a hotel. I set the camera up for long exposures, and this is one of the images she came up with. Kids don’t know any rules when it comes to photography. Most of them don’t even remember film. They just know that it costs nothing to snap an image, so they snap and snap and snap. They don’t care about the junk shots, only about the one image out of the many that has something going on and captures the viewer’s interest. Kids try things with a camera that we (insert: real photographers, old people, you, me, GenXers, boomers, the ancients) might never think of. Sarah held the camera just a few inches above the carpet as she walked down the hallway to get this smeared image. I liked her shot so much I stole her idea and got a keeper of my own. Today’s abstract photo, #13 of 15.

Patterns in carpet blurred into abstract by time exposure

Patterns in carpet blurred into abstract by time exposure.
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